Group Class

For Young Children Piano Program (age 5 and 6)

MYC Piano Class -Sunbeam One (Music for Young Children Piano)

*Parent and Child Class

p01This class provides the structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their music learning while experiencing a playful, positive environment.

Children are the center of MYC program.  Their learning styles and needs are met through a multi-sensory approach.  The understanding of music will expand into positive problem-solving skills, areas of self-expression, the growth of memory skills will lead to excellent self-confidence and self-esteem.  With these natural outcomes children can easily take on the skills required to be successful in future endeavors.


Development of ear training and sight-singing through the use of solfege is an integral part of the program.  Songs are also used for expressive singing and to reinforce dynamics and the teaching of concepts.


Developmentally appropriate written materials are provided for each level as confirmation and review of rudiments and theory.  Homework for the youngest learner might be gluing and coloring task which may include theory pages reinforcing what had been reviewed in class.

Rhythm Ensembles

Rhythm and keyboard ensembles are used throughout the course for:

  • Reinforcement of rhythm reading
  • Ensemble practice
  • Exposure to great melodies
  • Introduction to periods and styles
  • Fun


Program materials are specially designed and produced for the child’s age and development.  The text is beautifully and cheerfully illustrated and exciting for the young child. Each text provides: singing, warm-ups, keyboard, listening, rhythm and keyboard ensembles and home assignment sections.  In addition to the comprehensive student manual, the student receives a carrying bag, magnetic board with grand staff on one side and keyboard on the other, magnets, and a parent guide.

Parent Involvement

Parent participation in the classroom is integral to the MYC program.  By being present, parents become aware of their child’s learning styles, strengths and interests.  And they can serve as informed guides in choosing further musical study.

MYC Piano Class Schedule:

DatesClassDayClass Time
6/9/2018Sunbeam Demo Class 

(Age 5 and 6)

Saturday2:30 pm- 3:20 pm (50 minutes)

* Pre-Registration needed

 9/22/2018Sunbeam Piano

(Age 5 and 6)

 Saturday 10:30 am-11:20 am (50 minutes) 

*Parents involvement is required for this program.  We only accept 4 students/parents in each class to maintain the highest quality of the learning experience.

MYC Moonbeam Piano Group Programs (age 7 to 9)

*Parent and Child Class

Our piano program provides structure of learning on music theory, listening, note-reading, and combines with string ensemble and solo repertories.

Music Theory and Homework

Music theory learning specifically relevants to the piano beginner at a level that is attainable and challenging, yet fun for young children.  It is intended to build confidence and solidify the relationship between theory and playing.  Homework will be guided in the class and help students reinforce the concepts at home.

Piano Ensemble

We specially select piano repositories for students to be able to enjoy playing together.  This will give students a round learning with their partners.  In our experience, a student who consistently plays duets in lessons develops a stronger sense of the roles of melody and accompaniment in music, and usually has a better ability to voice melodies further down the road of study.

Piano Solo Performance Skills

A solid piano performance will require an excellent posture, good note reading, and accurate rhythm to play through a piece beautifully.  To help a successful piano performer, we create a structure learning steps to students.  End-performance opportunity will be provided to all students and parents.

Piano Group Class Schedule:

DatesClassDayClass Time
6/25/2018Moonbeam Demo Class

(Age 7-9)

Monday6:00 pm- 6:50 pm (50 minutes)

*Pre-Registration Needed! 

 9/24/2018 Moonbeam Piano (Age 7-9)Monday 6:00 pm- 6:50 pm (50 minutes)

* Demo Class and Group Class registration is needed. Spaces are limited.

“ONE LIGHT SYSTEM” self development inner growth program : small groups and individual sessions

*(Prospects Free Evaluation to Receive OLS Introduction)

from beginner to complete illumination – Enlightenment step by step

  • how to consciously connect – receive – harvest – anchor ONE SOURCE of LIGHT TEACHINGS
  • how to Receive Direct Light COLLECTIVE MEDITATION Platform – iLLUMINATION OLSYSTEM
  • Collective Unification daily OLS Meditations®©

– Learn how to Meditate Correctly to develop foundation and proper patterns to use all potential

Breathing Light practice (Precious breath atunement 
– Improvement and develop high level of concentration and easier to focus on the mind,
– Increased oxygenation of Cells and tissues:
Age 30 – 50 maintaining vitality and longevity
Age 50 + -rejuvenation cells recovery, feelings of aliveness to life extension process. with teacher naza ra svitlo

 pre rsrv.

(8am to 1pm) for One on One private and group Class Schedule

*Class is open for continuing registration during School Year.

Young Artis Violin Group Program (age 7 to 10)

DatesClassDayClass Time
6/28/2018Violin Demo Class

(Age 7-10)

Thursday6:00 pm- 6:50 pm (50 minutes)

* Pre-Registration Needed! 

 9/27/2018Artis Violin Group

(Age 7-10)

Thursday 6:00 pm- 6:50 pm (50 minutes)

Freestyle Guitar & Ukulele Group Programs (age 7 and up)

p03Our guitar program provides structure of fun learning on music note reading, theory games, practice plans, and ensemble/solo songs each week.

Practice and Homework

Good guitar playing comes as a result of diligent practice.  A short term practice structure or plan will turn guitar practice session into a period that is productive and enjoyable.  Assignments will be guided in the class and help students reinforce the concepts at home.

Guitar Ensemble

We specially select good guitar songs for students to be able to enjoy playing together.  This will give students a round learning with their partners.  The ensemble brings individual skills to bear effectively on a collaborative effort, resulting in beauty of execution and expression along with pride for the members in the ability to communicate as one with an audience.

Guitar Performance Skills

Good guitar learning will help students develop an excellent posture, strong note and rhythm reading, and inspiring students with wide range of repertories.  To help a successful guitar player, we create a structure learning steps to students.  End-performance opportunity will be provided to all students and parents.

Guitar / Ukulele Class Schedule:

DatesClassDayClass Time
6/12/2018Ukulele Demo Class

(Age 7-10)

Tuesday5:30 pm – 6:20 pm (50 minutes)

*Pre-Registration Needed.

 9/25/2018 Ukulele Class (Age 7-10) Tuesday 5:30 pm- 6:20 pm (50 minutes)
 6/2/2018FreeStyle Guitar Demo Class (Age 7-10) Saturday1:30 pm- 2:20 pm (50 minutes)

*Pre-Registration Needed.

 9/22/2018 FreeStyle Guitar (Age 7-10) Saturday 1:30 pm- 2:20 pm (50 minutes)

*Please provide your own guitar.  If you need guitar purchase information, please contact our school before class starts.

Beginner Children Chorus  (age 5 to 7)

Singing with Confidence!

Does your child love to sing?

We engage students to strengthen the voice, better breathing and develop their voice range through a happily, positive and fun guild lines.  To encourage each of them to open up their heart, we select folk, pop, and classical songs to empower their own emotions, imaginations, and experiences.


Children Choir Class Schedule

DatesClassDayClass Time
5/15/2018Open House (age 6 and up)Tuesday 6:15 pm -7:05 pm ( 50 minutes)
 *Class is open for continuing registration during School Year.


Advanced Children Choir  (age 8 and up)

Singing is the ultimate expression. It shares thoughts and feelings in the most beautiful way! Let the choir becomes your family!dreamstime_l_53308027

We engage the hearts and minds of children from diverse backgrounds through a comprehensive choral music eduation and performance opportunities.

We use Kadaly and Solege system to build the fundamental musical skill for choral singing. We discover the child’s natural singing voice carefully by weekly training. Our repertoire is chosen by performance themes, including secular concert music, spiritual and gospel music, and folk songs convering multiple languages.


Children Choir Class Schedule:

DatesClassDayClass Time
5/15/2018Open House (age 6 and up)Tuesday 6:15 pm -7:05 pm (50 minutes)
 *Class is open for continuing registration during School Year.

World Drum Ensemble

Rhythm is a key aspect of music and every culture has a set of rhythms that follow its history.  In our World Rhythm Class we will look at various rhythms from around the world in order to gain a perspective of each culture that is hidden behind the music.  We will also have the opportunity to play each rhythm on the traditional drums and percussion instruments from the native countries.

As we learn about and play these rhythms, it will also be very important for us to take some time to listen to the traditional and modern music that utilizes these rhythms and instruments.  Some of the world rhythms that we will look at are the African Bell Pattern (which weaves its way into American Jazz, as well as Cuban, and Haitian traditional music), the Cuban Clave and Cascara, the New Orleans Second Line, as well as other rhythms that students show interest in.

Depending on the level of the students in the class, we will also learn to write out some of these rhythms. Learning, listening, and understanding rhythms of various cultures reveals a history that is more intertwined than we may know otherwise. This workshop will take us through each rhythm and show us how music tells the story of history, while playing and having fun. Join us for this journey through music and history around the globe.

DatesClassDayClass Time
9/26/2018Age 7 and upWednesday 7:15 pm -8:05 pm (50 minutes)