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new February empowering inner clock calibration atunment breathing practice
呼吸 Hūxī breathing Light (active mediation group practice) 
@ Artis music school studio Belmont CA 650-486-1661
02.25 & 02.26  Live webinar 7am
 03.05 (945am live intro) 10am group practice 1030 Empowerment leaders circle 
 03.11 (945am live intro) 10am group practice 1030 Empowerment leaders circle
Nostril Breathing practice (foundation for meditation)   For all ages:, "Age 5 – 30  - Learn how to Meditate Correctly to develop foundation and proper patterns to use all potential - Precious breath atunement  - Improvement and develop high level of concentration and easier to focus on the mind, clarity of thinking and mental stress reduction  - Increased oxygenation of Cells and tissues:  - Natural Energy charge (Prana In) balance with physical integrity - Increased ability to communicate from a more confident and internal knowing (charging Prana in) - Boost Intelect Controlled Proportional breathing not only cures all diseases and also releasing past traumas, fears, worryingness by cultivating strong emotional body  - release (exhale apana) of old imprints(programs), beliefs and patterns which affect our daily lives — Accelerated spiritual growth and awakening to one’s true self Age 30 – 50 maintaining vitality your longevity balance with physical integrity Age 50 + -rejuvenation cells recovery, feelings of aliveness to life extension process. (Family welcome to practice in the own group).   03.06 10am @ Foster city Library 10 seats left 03.18 mount shasta illumination retreat  in person Organnize Event at Your Area (Pre Reservation)  USA only.  online webinar and one on one avalible for request


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than you can do it on your own and we will support the Grow on the Go !
Empowerment Leaders Circle

– Level 0 into 1: Purification of the Nervous, Respiratory and Blood System
2 weeks inner clock atunment program.
The deeper breathing enriches the blood with oxygen.large amount of oxygen goes to the brain, lungs, heart, and capillaries.