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About Us

Artis School of Music offers child center teaching philosophy, providing private or group lessons for piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, voice for ages 4 and up. We have worked with many students with a foundation emerging from the liberal arts. Our goal is to synthesize a wide variety of disciplines to best fit for each individual’s needs. We believe that teaching good fundamental techniques and positive learning attitudes are cornerstone to developing a well-rounded young musician.


Our Mission

We provide fun and quality music education to children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music to our families!!

What are important insights for you to choose a music school for your child?


Good Learning Environment

Our school have set up soundproof rooms and we provide a child-friendly environment for students to have their music lessons.  We also welcome our students to use our studio rooms for practice.  Practicing at our studio is different from your own home because being in a small studio room minimize distractions and it can provide student a formal way to practice music with positive learning attitude and be well-prepared for their weekly lessons.  Students can also hear other students playing at school, which will encourage them to understand they are not alone on this music journey.  They will work with the teacher to set up their music goals on their own pace.


Professional Instructors

All our teachers have their professional bachelor or higher university degree in music and are specially trained to be able to lead students successfully with solid fundamental techniques and achieve the higher levels of their music learning.


Music Practice

“Practice makes perfect”.  We understand that how a good practice will affect students’ learning.  Our school creates a good system to encourage their daily practice.  It will gradually help students build up their confidence and directly make their music practice more effective and enjoyable.


Music Theory and Composition Learning

Your child will have an option of joining our special music theory programs besides their private instrument learning.  A well-round music education provides a good opportunities of learning music from listening, sight-reading, music history, music appreciation, and music theory.  It will give a music performer great supports to grow deeper and discover more of their potentials to reach higher level solo performance and also music composition.



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